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Lady Car for Menopause
Lady Car for Menopause

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Seller Details
Seller Name: Edou AL-Kuwait
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ProductId : 153
Category : Health & Beauty
Sup Category : Health
Product Name : Lady Car for Menopause
Price : 20 KD
Simply wearing LadyCare may help to reduce or completely alleviate hot flushes, palpitations, muscle tension and anxiety. It may also help to reduce bloating, breast tenderness, irritability and mood swings. Energy levels may radually

increase, you may also find you are able to sleep more restfully.

Simply attach your LadyCare to your underwear in the pelvic area with the larger, curved face placed against your skin (inside your underwear) and the small button on the outside of the underwear. For optimum results your LadyCare should be worn as much as possible (24 hrs).
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