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Natural Turquoise Stones
Natural Turquoise Stones

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Seller Name: احمد فاوق حسن
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ProductId : 161
Category : Jewelry & Watches
Sup Category : Jewelry
Product Name : Natural Turquoise Stones
Price : سعر بيع الجرام 3 دولار امريكى KD
Turquoise stone sky


Known since antiquity as used by the pharaohs of the Sinai.

There is also in Nishapur in Iran, where extracted from the lava .. As well as

The American Southwest.

Rarely there is the situation evolving, color blue or greenish gray and greenish needs

To polish the flour was sometimes turns to light green.

But the most valuable, which is used in the jewelry industry is the color cyan.

Chemical composition of aluminum phosphate, which contains water with copper and

Case is often amorphous.

The largest piece of 8.98 kg was found in California in 1975.

There is also a blue turquoise Disco greenery.

This stone among stones, known in history since the era of the Pharaohs at the fourth millennium BC, where he worked Egyptians search for him in the desert of Sinai and the other from Egyptian territory has made it contracts and Costume various carved from Scarab (Beetle) and others, and revealed in the cemetery of the ancient Egyptians on the number of Many of these ornaments and amulets, as well as the ancient Egyptians was the stone to the areas near them. This stone is known as the Greeks and the peoples of China, and spread its use to the ancient Indian tribes in Mexico and Central America and the population of Peru (Incas) also known as the stone in Turkestan (southern Russia). And production areas of the stone in ancient times were in the Sinai Desert - Egypt, the region of Nishapur (Iran) and Khorasan, Mexico, China and Peru. And still some of these areas produces turquoise today. The other new production areas are in south-western United States and South America, China and Iran to some extent

The best types of turquoise and outlined what was extracted from the area (Nishapur) in Iran, where has this kind of stone is hugely popular in the Middle East, followed by newly stone extracted from the desert of Sinai

Egyptian Turquoise and no longer is extracted from the State but extracted from the Bedouin people of the region by locally made gunpowder and turquoise Egyptian greener than Iranian.

And rain in the winter months are the turquoise mines Alsinaoip risk of floods. And in the summer months exposed to the risk of the collapse of the Prospectors mine them, Turquoise
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