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HAYA AL HOUTI was established in 2002. Our goal has always been to provide designs of Haute Couture for women, designing fashion for all occasions, in particular for weddings and formal occasions. We also design dresses for evening wear and parties, as well as exclusive casual dresses. We are continually developing new styles to suit our customer’s requirements. Discussing with our clients their needs and tastes, to make our designs match the exclusive individuality of our client. We also provide our own ready made label designs, exclusively for our customers. We pride ourselves on our procedures that maintain a quality, by using the best trained experienced and qualified staff. Ensuring at all times that the customer receives the best quality products, competitively priced and with on time delivery. Quality and satisfaction for our customer is our policy.

HAYA AL HOUTI Haute Couture is a unique fashion spirit, emerging from the Middle East. Proud to have been the only Haute Couture designer from Kuwait, to have participated in the USA International Fashion Week, in February 07 in New York. Her designs simply stunning those in attendance, Consolidating her status as the most prominent designer ever to come out of Kuwait. Rising so rapidly with in a few short years. HAYA AL HOUTI creations are worn and admired by Royal dignitaries, Diplomats and Socialites.
“We were delighted to present the first Kuwait couture designer to show in New York City” quoted producer Andres Aquino (USA International Fashion Week).
HAYA AL HOUTI has been an integral part of Kuwait’s fashion industry for the past 5 years. Miss, Al Houti has been recognized for her whimsical Bridal, Party and Evening outfits. The label HAYA AL HOUTI is the country’s first diffusion label.

HAYA AL HOUTI employs more than 25 well experienced persons in her design work shop. We believe fashion design is not only about making and selling dresses, but it is design that comes straight from the Heart. That’s why Haya Al Houti designs are also called.” Art from the Heart”
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